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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Guru Sidero - steel road bike *Now on Sale*

So this is another Studio demo/floor bike. I decided to try out the new steel offering from Guru, and I must say, it turned out great.

I pieced the build kit together to match (as you can see) the bike's paint, and the result is striking, I think.

I order the demo bikes with my own Studio signature geometry -- basically I tweak the stock geometry provided by Guru so that it fits the cyclist(s) I think would be interested in such a bike.

Head tube = 14 cm
Effective Top Tube = 50 cm
Standover = ~73 cm

The bike is built with SRAM Force throughout, Ritchey Pro Alloy kit, and Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels.

The Fulcrum wheels were a nice addition. This year they changed the wheel from having red accents on the decals to the hubs, rims, and nipples all being fully anodized red. They really make the look of the whole bike.

I have again used the SRAM SuperLight bar tape -- this time in red -- it just has a great feel to it and it wears extremely well. I have two clients that I built bikes for a year ago. Just did a check-up on their rides and the tape still looks brand new; that is considering a lot of miles and a couple of trips overseas with the bikes.

This complete bike, for full custom geometry, is $3950 with a Force group and about $3300 with a SRAM Rival set up.

I think this is a really great pricepoint for a non-pricepoint bike.

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  1. Wow.. This is great! I can say that after several years riding road and xc I've decided to build up a cyclocross project bike with an eye on competing in the winter CX season. Anyway, thanks and I definitely visit this blog more often.

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