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Friday, February 1, 2013

SRAM XX1 setup tip

Actually there will be two tips I learned but for the second one I will post a video soon about that.

This tip is more of a testament to SRAM drivetrains.  I've always been a fan of "low tension" systems.  Meaning that the required amount of cable tension to actuate a clean shift is not very high.  Low tension systems are easy to set up, don't come out of tune nearly as often, and overall provide fewer hassles.

Campy road groups certainly fit in this group -- when you hook up the rear derailleur cable with just light hand tension, it usually requires only a couple quarter turns of the barrel adjusters to get things lined out.

The SRAM XX1 system takes this to new lengths.  Usually when I get a shifter I make sure the barrel adjuster is dialed all the way in because I always have to add a little tension once I have the cable hooked up.  The XX1 shifter (in this case a twist shifter) was dialed out about 4 or 5 full turns, so I dutifully dialed it in as usual.  I quickly found out that I almost couldn't hook up the cable loose enough to begin with.  After freeing the cable from the derailleur, I returned the barrel adjusters to about 4 turns out, lightly hooked up the cable again, and then needed to remove tension by dialing the barrel adjuster in a couple of turns to get it shifting smoothly.

First time for everything I guess.