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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lenz Mammoth -- my "PT Barnum" bike

 So, I know the red silicone grips are a bit much, but I couldn't resist.  Hence the "PT Barnum" moniker -- it has a circus feel to it.

Usual suspects on the build:  White Brothers Loop 140 fork, Fox CTD rear shock, SRAM X.9 (with an X.0 bit here and there, Answer Pro Taper AM carbon handlebar.

This time around I just used some Sun Ringle Charger wheels for display -- not the lightest wheelset, but they licensed the Stan's rim profile so they tubeless great.  Couldn't resist the Schwalbe shoes on the bike -- I'm particularly impressed with the "Hans Dampf" on the front.  It's a good, stout tire but it rolls well and this one came in at 870 grams -- which feels downright XC-like when you've been riding an 1100 gram Descent.


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