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Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting Ultegra shift levers set up evenly on 3T Ergonova Pro handlebar

This is one of those problems that I'd file under a "Nuisance" because some riders won't notice while others can feel a millimeter discrepancy immediately.  I hate it when shifter hoods are set up unevenly.  Often the difference isn't much, but it seems like such a rookie bike building mistake -- unless you've ever built a bike from the ground up in which case you know how hard it can be, with some bars, to get the shifters in exactly the same place.

Here's my little trick to a perfectly balanced shifter position:

Take one of the shifters and slide them on the bar into where you think you want them positioned. 

Don't worry, we can go back and move both of them if you'd realize you estimated poorly the first time.  If you want to be more thorough you can  put the bar on the bike and sit on it to get a more accurate first placement.

Once you have the first shifter in place and just lightly tightened, set the bar on a flat surface so the bottom of the lever blade props the bar up.

Then slide the other shifter onto the bar and move it up until both lever blades and both drops of the bar touch the flat surface evenly.

Test to make sure that all four points are touching in the same by lightly pressing on each drop in turn:

Just like with an uneven kitchen table, if things are off then one drop will rock when you press it.  The rule of thumb is that whichever drop rocks -- that shifter needs to go down slightly (or the opposite shifter needs to go up).

And don't just rely on the few bars that have hash marks on them to help you line the shifters up -- often (as in the case with this bar) they can be off slightly.

Simple trick to dead even shifter position.....thanks for reading.

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